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BENGAL IS GROWING!! There is no doubt about that! This part of the country is finally waking up from its economic slumber and Kolkata is leading that revival. We Real Tech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. are very much a part of this growth. Real Tech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. started its endeavor few decades back with an objective of buying, leasing, developing, hiring residential as well as commercial complexes, we today are one of the most trusted and adored names in the fraternity of realtors who have been hitting headlines regularly.

For many years, our excellence and our resolute reputation have revolved around quality and efficiency, trust and transparency, some unparalleled and meticulous planning backed by impeccable designs, quality, promptness of a work culture that puts maximum emphasis on deadlines & professionalism, and last but not the least our passion to excel!

Our Philosophy

Right from the word ‘go’ our design philosophy has been:

Going beyond the expectation of our valued clients
A successful milieu of innovation and tradition
An approach that is ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ that makes most of the nature’s gifts in a seamless way
Our Managing Directors

Our Board of Directors comprise of Mr. Shishir Gupta and Mr. S. K. Nasir. Under the able leadership and guidance of our Managing Directors, each having few decades of experience in real estate fraternity, we have been growing in leaps and bounds.

Our Achievements so far

Today, we take pride and honour to state that we have successfully completed 5 projects. Apart from that, we have 8 ongoing projects and 5 upcoming projects.

In fact, over the last 3 years, we have completed over 5 residential and commercial complexes and over 500 flats. This simply speaks about the volume of work we are associated with, and our short and long run objectives.

Some facts

Till date, we have sold 90% of our properties directly, without going through any intermediaries whatsoever. This speaks about our direct commitment to our clients. Our customer relationship management is robust and our post-sales services create an everlasting bond with our valued clients!


"Dear Clients, 
I welcome you to our website. 
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know our business philosophy… from our inception one of our core objective has been to provide our customers with healthy and prosperous living. In a country like ours, where every inch of land matters, we are dedicated to make the most of it to provide clients something to be proud of, and serve then in best possible way. Of course, we thrive to grow stronger but that aim of ours is to be able to serve our clients in a better way…because we strongly feel that if our clients are satisfied and if they grow in turn Real Tech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. grows. It is a matter of pride for us to get a band of the best professionals who have helped us achieve our collective dream. However, it has been your cooperation and trust you have bestowed upon us that has helped us achieve our goal of serving you in a better way! Hope it continues, as we grow further and help you to grow along with us!"

RealtechNirman – The Perfect Melting Pot of various disciplines

Without a seamless bondage and cooperation, growth comes to a standstill. That is why, above anything else we at Realtech Nirmal have put maximum emphasis on working as a unit, bringing in unparallel cooperation, coordination and a picture perfect bonding between the various departments that work hand in hand to bring out the best out of ourselves. This ultimately results in something that is adored and admired by our clients from every quarter. We vow to carry out this meticulous work ethic that is the base of our astounding excellence that we have managed to achieve so far!

Account Department

Over the last few years, we have seen a boom in the real estate industry. Truly, at last the Kolkata market seems to be vibrant enough and growing at a brisk pace, which was never seen before! This has given us a renewed impetus to strive forward with more vigor. In spite of the boom in the industry, I would still say that Kolkata real estate prices are for more realistic compared to other tier- I cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, or Hyderabad. As such it is the reason enough to look at Kolkata from a fresh point of view.

Yes, the Head of the Accounts Department has been very right when he explained that Kolkata seems to be the most promising dwelling place for today’s generation. This scenario has got a shot in the arm by the comparatively lenient and less stringent paraphernalia of legal issues here in Kolkata.


"We are actually concerned about the interests, benefits, and rights of our intending buyers who are looking forward to invest in real estate property, much due to the easier legal issues. Real estate is not an easy business – there are so many facets of it, each drawing an enough amount of legal nitty-gritty. We are happy to state that here in Kolkata, we never face any legal issues, and this speeds up our project works, helping us to complete projects within a specific timeframe, or when it comes to acquiring real property in the future. We are always able to help our customers and the buyers to manage their rights to purchase a real property, i.e. their Dream Home without any hassle whatsoever."..says our Legal Head.

Again, the fact that Kolkata is also home to some of the best brains rich in creativity, has helped the city to have a cluster of the best architects and civil engineers. This understandably has made our task much easier, especially where the demand of the hour is a perfect marriage of innovation and tradition that has been our signature.


As the Departmental Head puts in,"We believe in design structures that reflect harmony with humanity, environment, and culture. We take great pride in designing places that are timeless in style and enduring value."

Purchase (Materials)

From the resource point of view, this region is unique and blessed with innumerable natural resources. This is enough for the Head of our Purchase Department to state that,"he very concept of realty is changing pretty fast, much due to the B2C relationship build up that is backed by a chain reaction triggered by a robust demand that is created, and the industry is following the trend to find the desired equilibrium. With a steady supply of raw materials and other associated factors, it becomes easier for an industry to boom and reach the desired level, which is very much available in Kolkata"

So you see, all these factors collectively forming what we call a perfect platform for the boom in real estate that the region is enjoying. We, at RealtechNirman are a major part of that boom! So come and join our hands in our endeavor.


A sound infrastructure, the best staffs who come up with the best results, a seamless coordination, disciplined approach – a go to vain if there is a lack of proper marketing in a company. This is where we at Realtech are so special. Even the marketing department is always at the top of its toes to make sure that no laxity is shown when it comes to marketing our very presence in the realtor’s world! Also, the fact that the marketing team every now and then comes with out of the box ideas helps us enormously in underlining our presence and coming up with jaw dropping ideas.

The success story of Realtech can also be attributed to our marketing team that come up with an open mind pregnant with new ideas. Their openness and creativity underline the fact that our product may be real estate, but our asset very much is knowledge, which we nurture while coming up with newer projects!

The team always thrives to make sure that the home buyers feel at-ease, happy, and worry-free when they purchase their property and later on, even after the deal is closed. This helps us build a strong reputation as THE real estate agent in India for first-time customers. The team makes the process of purchase effortless and free from too much of hassle. This brings relief to our clients. It lets us offer them the best service so much so that all the uncertainties or concerns that they have, vanish in a jiffy. Thus, our marketing team has a lot to contribute when it comes to giving our clients a significant extent of financial, emotional, as well as psychological relief. This, to say the least has helped us build our repute in the market.

A customer signing up with RealtechNirman will find themselves in a win-win situation and relieved from their very first interaction with us because of the level of care and thoroughness. Through simple language and some probing questions, our real estate agent resolves the customer's concerns.

Our Unique Selling Proposition is based on our strength, passion, talent, and skills.

Our strategic price is based on:

Research of comparable properties.
Consideration of current local market conditions.
Reasons for selling and close of escrow timing.
We interact with all the buyers and sellers of all social and demographic status. This has helped us identify the exact requirement of the current real estate market and the dynamics of our clients’ needs. With this acquired knowledge and determination of delivering best quality in lesser price, our marketing team has helped the organization reach to the zenith of performance and earn goodwill, that do all the marketing as well. From that sense, our clients are our true ambassadors and our marketing personnel. Our services have made them feel cozy and satisfied both in terms of requirement as well as price and this is the reason they refer others to avail our service.

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